Petite Fashion Tips

If you are small you wish you were big and when you are big you wish you were small. In the wild world of fashion, one can never truly be happy with their size. However, most of us cannot do anything about our size. This article is for the short person. If you have to shop in the petite section because you are so short cheer up, there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can apply to make yourself look taller and feel so much better about yourself. When it comes to the fashion industry, it seems that everything is for that person who is tall and slim. However, this is not reality. The truth is, most of us are somewhere in the middle including the frightening mid-section bulge. There are so many petite women out there that fashion guidelines have been developed to help you look and feel your best. According to an article, appearing tall and lean can be accomplished by what you wear. Although you are not going to gain much height, you can still give the illusion of more height if you follow a few tips. For example, if you are looking to appear taller than you actually are than you should follow these guidelines: stick with only a few color variations, go for tighter clothing in order to avoid extra bulk, stick with vertical patterns instead of horizontal patterns, wear high heels but avoid heels with straps, wear high waisted pants and skirts, take it easy on oversized accessories, pick a handbag that fits your physique, wear v-line tops, pick out glasses and sunglasses that are propitiate to your face, avoid boxyness, wear a jacket that is the same length as your dress and choose boots that stop at your knee.

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Garden Shed Trends in 2017

Gardening and outdoor living takes a special importance when sunny days take over. It becomes a universe of its own, with its own trends. Sheds are not always the central piece of our gardens, but they do play an essential role.

Customize Your Shed

In 2017, pre-built sheds have to be unique and customized. We are getting tired of them being their own ‘boring selves’: a useful extension of the garage, or a backyard shed. They are now a canvas for our creativity and it seems the trend is here to stay.

So let your creativity express itself and customize your outside storage shed; you will not regret it and it might become your favorite room of the house. For more freedom of choice, you can work with a manufacturer of garden sheds, as this will allow you to push the customization even further.

Urban living spaces are becoming narrower every year, and so do the outdoor spaces. Storage solutions with smarter organization are a real need. The shed needs to be multi-purpose: with ergonomic and accessible shelves and having additional uses, such as an insulated shed for cooling down in during hot summer days.

The Secret ‘Mad Gardener’ Lab

We all try to be sustainable when it comes to energy and water use, even trying to grow our own vegetables on the roofs of Montreal. The use of natural materials is definitely a fast-growing trend. No more  PVC, but wood and stone. We want our sheds as organic as they can be and possibly made of upcycled materials.

With this ‘grow your own’ frenzy and the need for more resilient and lasting plants which can resist extremes and changing weather, we all enjoy experimenting with quirky plants! We like to mix seeds, and experimenting in this DIY thing we read Pinterest about the Cucamelon (cucumber + melon) etc. So much fun. The inner child is back!

The Tiki Shed for Your Staycations

Vintage and Fifties are everywhere, and so are Hawaiian Tiki Bars! Goodbye barbecues, hello hula and daiquiris. So get out your most vintage garden furniture, your Bettie Page swimsuits and pink flamingos around the pool, and decorate your pool shed with Tiki wooden statues, small palm trees, colorful lights, and enjoy the party.

For those not lucky enough to enjoy long vacations on the beach, a Tiki Bar can be a really good option for your ‘staycations’. Get the perks of a summer night on the beach without the plane ticket! A hammock, for example, would be another great addition to your Tiki shed.

The She-Shed

Because the boys have their man cave in the basement of the house, girls also want a space of their own. A reading gazebo, a yoga lounge, a crafts workshop where supplies won’t be messed with by the kids, a rocking chair and a blanket for autumn naps, a tea room. Your she-shed has to be your private space, where you forget the scary pace of life with a glass of homemade lemonade.

The Spa Shed

The shed can also be a home improvement. A hot tub or a sauna can be installed inside. A perfect way to enjoy a relaxing moment, protected from the mosquito bites at night, from the cold in the winter or for complete intimacy from the neighbors all year long.

You will want to maintain a flow from your house to the shed, using the same materials, colors, furniture, style or lighting. Some Japanese wood steps for example, to walk safely from your home to the shed. You can also add seating outside the shed, so you can relax near a safe and protected fireplace when it’s a little chilly outside.

Periodontal Disease: What is it and How Can You Prevent it?

Your teeth and gum health can dictate your overall well-being. It’s not something you want to ignore, especially since some diseases can start in the mouth. Keeping your oral health up to par is essential for maintaining good health. Things like gingivitis and even periodontal disease can be prevented if you are diligent enough. It’s good to know the early warning signs of certain oral conditions, so you can take the proper steps to eradicate it before it becomes a major concern. The following information will go over what periodontal disease is and what you can do today to prevent it.

What is Periodontal Disease?

You likely heard of this condition, but don’t really know what it is and how it affects your health. Simply put, periodontal disease is an illness that spreads through your gums. It starts with your gums bleeding every time you brush them. According to a study done in 1999, half of Americans over 30 years old suffer from bleeding gums.

When your gums become swollen and bleed, this is an early indication of a bacterial infection. If you allow this to continue, then the infection will begin to spread. Eventually, this can lead to structures that support your jawbone and teeth to become damaged. Over time, your teeth may become loose and require extraction. This is known as periodontal disease, also known as gum disease.

Health Conditions Connected to Gum Disease

Research shows that gum disease is connected to a variety of other health problems. This makes it even more necessary to eradicate as soon as possible. The list of health problems include:

  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Premature births
  • Respiratory disease

These conditions present themselves due to gum disease increasing risk of clogged arteries and spreading infections throughout the body.

What Causes Gum Disease?

In a nutshell, periodontal disease is caused by bacteria found inside of dental plaque. Plaque is the sticky stuff that forms on the top of your teeth right after you’ve brushed them. Your immune system releases substances in an effort to remove this bacteria, causing inflammation and damage to your gums, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament. This in turn causes your gums to start bleeding, which is a sign of gingivitis (the early warning sign for periodontal disease).

How to Prevent Periodontal Disease

The number one cause of this disease is plaque. However, there are other factors that can play a part in its formation. It’s believed that your genes, smoking habits, misaligned or crowded teeth, stress, abnormal hormone levels, medicines and grinding or cleaning your teeth can cause this disease to come about.

The key to prevention is to take good care of your teeth and gums by brushing after each meal and flossing. You should also try to quit using tobacco products, fix any crooked teeth and buy a mouth guard if you grind or grit your teeth at night.

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How to Qualify for an Installment Loan with Bad Credit

With bad credit, you are considered to be a high-risk customer by major lending institutions and major banks. These lenders will only give you a loan if you have a good credit score. Due to your bad credit, you might think that you can only get a loan from sources that charge high interest rates. There are alternate options available. What options do you have? Here are a few options and tips.

Visit Credit Unions

The only difference between credit unions and banks is that credit unions are owned by members, not shareholders. These members usually have common interest. You can come across a credit union for members who come from a certain region or working in the same industry. Since they are non-profit institutions they offer loans at low interest rates.

A credit union, especially one that is community-based or one that is associated with your employer, will listen to you even if you have bad credit. Visit several credit unions and compare the interest rates before you make a final decision.

Ask for a Loan from Family or Friends

Your family and friends will not look at your credit score for them to lend you. When your friend or relative agrees to give you a loan, treat it like a business transaction. Document the transaction by having a written agreement. The agreement should clearly show the interest rate, loan terms, and the consequences of not paying the debt. Refusing to pay a loan from family or friends is worse than having bad credit. To maintain on good terms with your friends and family pay the loan on time.

Find a Co-Signer

You’ve tried credit unions, family and friends, but have not been successful. What do you do? Look for someone who has good credit and trusts that you can repay the loan. Having a qualified co-signer willing to help since the lender will set terms based on the good credit of your co-signer. The co-signer will also be responsible for the loan if you default on payments.

Because the record of payments will be on both of your credit reports, defaulting or paying late will damage your co-signer’s credit along with yours. To improve your credit score, you will need to make timely payments so that you can get loans in future without a co-signer.

Repair your bad credit

There are instances where bad credit listings are placed on your file without adherence to the law. You can choose to correct the errors on your own or with the help of a credit repair specialist. Not all credit repair specialists are genuine due to some disrupting the reputation of the industry by running scams.

To correct a bad listing on your own you will need to have a copy of your current credit report. Review your report and look for mistakes. If you find an error, contact the listed credit bureau/s so that the bad listing can be removed. With the questionable item removed you will improve your chances of loan approval.  In the meantime as you are rebuilding our credit you may be able to apply with a loan company that can work with you.  Some websites even offer loans with no credit check.

Be honest

Ask a lender to spare some time and have an in-person interview with you. Being honest, especially when questioned on red flags in your credit history, might help you convince the lender to give you a loan. If you get the interview, prepare any documents that will prove that you can repay a loan. With evidence that you have previously paid off loans, the lender may be swayed to work the loan terms over for possible approval.


With the above options and tips, you can seek out options for installment loans even with poor credit. Having bad credit is a problem, but is not a hindrance to getting an installment loan.

5 Ways to Save on Your Next Restaurant Bill

Eating out is usually the first place you should cut unnecessary spending, but going out for a night on the town does not always have to be top dollar.  With a few corners that can be cut, there are a few ways you can save on your next restaurant bill. No need to hit that five-star white glove restaurant that will cost you a weeks paycheck. This often leads to charging up your credit card, and if you can’t afford the bill now, what makes you think you can afford it when the credit card bill comes due? How long do payments stay on credit report scores? Far longer than it will take you to digest that meal.

Search for a Discount

With so much restaurant competition, unless there is consistently a line out the door, you can most likely find discounts available for your local restaurants.  Groupon is a great place to look that will offer a price to receive a certain spending dollar amount, for example, spending $50 might get you $75 worth of dinner credit.  A restaurant on social media such as Facebook and Twitter may have coupons or listed discounts so you know when a great time to dine in is.  Sign up for emails for your favorite restaurants and you can even get free meals on your birthday, such as Red Robin, that offers a free burger.

Do Not Show Up on an Empty Stomach

You will hate yourself after seeing the restaurant bill and likely half eaten meals if you show up hungry.  If you are starving you will order an appetizer as soon as you sit down, order a full entrée, and even add a salad to the meal.  If there is bread at the table you will scarf that down and hardly even save room.  If you plan to eat out, try eating a little beforehand so you can make a rational decision to eat light.

Happy Hour is great for Food & Drinks

When you think of Happy Hour you think of drinks with co-workers, friends, or family after a long day of work, but it can also be a great time to grab a few different appetizers at a fraction of the cost.  Pick off of a few plates while you enjoy a few cocktails and you can skip dinner, and probably be ready for bed by the time you get home.

Stick to Water Over Soft Drinks

If you are planning on drinking soda with your meal, you should stick to water.  It is free, there are no calories, and did I mention it is free?

Dessert is Unnecessary

If you are full after a meal, stop there.  Dessert is extra money, pounds, and self-loathing that can be avoided.  Trust me.

Budget Friendly Decorations

Just because we’re generally buried under heaps of laundry when we’re not chasing the kids around, doesn’t mean that we can’t have nice things!  We can make our homes comfortable and safe, but that doesn’t mean our walls need to be bare.  When you’re a busy mom, some things just fall by the wayside.  But rest assured: there are simple, budget friendly options out there that helped to take your walls from lackluster to gallery worthy! We’re all constantly snapping photos on our phones – time to put those snapshots on display! crib A really simple upgrade to just a 4×6 print is to make a canvas print of your photo.  It couldn’t be simpler!  You can create your print online at Walgreens and arrange to pick it up in store or have it delivered.  Hang a few of these in groupings on your walls, or lean one on a fireplace mantle or a bookshelf to display your favorite memories. The texture and depth make expensive frames unnecessary while still managing to look quite upscale. wall Bright, textural wall hangings can fill empty walls, providing a focal point and a pop of color.  A fun and easy way to obtain the look can be found at hardware stores such as Home Depot.  Grab a variety of cheap ceiling medallions that are typically affixed to the ceiling around a hanging light.  Find a fun spray paint color that will complement your decor. (I’ve even used metallic spray paints!)  Spray the medallions in a well ventilated area and allow them to dry.  Voilà!  A chic upgrade that didn’t break the bank. Now this mama on the go can display her artwork on the walls!

9 Ways to Save on Diapers

Pregnant MomDid you know that the average newborn goes through 10 diapers a day!

And that by the time they’ve hit their third birthday, you’ll have spent more than $2,100 buying at least 8,580 diapers! Crazy!

That’s a huge expense on a family, so we’ve put together a list of 9 ways you can get free diapers….

1. Free Samples

Believe it or not, there are a ton of companies that will send you free diapers just for trying out their brand. It’s not a long-term savings strategy, but you can definitely get enough samples to last you for a week or so. Every little bit helps!

Honest Company – They will send you 7 of their premium diapers and 10 baby wipes.

Simply Right – It seems to vary, but they sent us 5 diapers.

Little Huggies – Register here for a free sample pack of diapers & wipes.

Seventh Generation – They’ll send you 2 free, organic cloth diapers.

2. Pampers Gifts to Grow

Join the Pampers Gifts to Grow program and they’ll send you free diapers as reward for your loyalty to the Pamper’s brand.

Every time you buy a box of Pampers, look for the code inside the box and enter it into the website above. Those points can be saved up and later redeemed for diapers, baby food and toys.

3. Diaper Bank

If things are really tough, check out the National Diaper Bank Network. The non-profit network is aimed at assisting low-income families and they’ve started local chapters all over the country.

As you probably know, food stamps and WIC do not provide diapers, so this is a wonderful alternative to those who need assistance.

4. Enter a Diaper Contest

Try your luck at winning some free diapers. There are hundreds of diaper contests online and you never know when you’re going to get lucky. 🙂

In fact, the folks over at Everyday Family currently have a giveaway where you win diapers for an entire year (est. value – $750)! Here’s the link.

4. Huggies

Another great loyalty program is the Huggies “Enjoy the Ride Rewards” program. It’s similar to the Pamper’s program in that each time you buy Huggies diapers or other baby products, you enter the code into the Huggies Rewards website.

Once you’ve save up enough points, you can request coupons for free diapers or other Huggies products.

5. Get Free Diapers with Swagbucks

Arguably one of the cheapest places to get diapers is at Amazon, so here’s a tip on how to get a free Amazon gift card. Join the Swagbucks rewards program.

They’ll give you Amazon gift cards for using their search engine, answering trivia questions, and watching videos. It’s not a ton of money, but most people are able to earn about $10 a month in free Amazon gift cards.

6. Use Cloth Diapers

A lot of parents have found that using washable, cloth diapers can be a great way to save on diapers. Finanical blogger, Courtney Baker, recently did the math  and found that a family with three kids could save over $2,500 by switching to cloth diapers!

7. Become a Diaper Ambassador

If you can convince other moms to start buying their diapers online, the folks over at will pay you!

They have a pretty lucrative referral program where you can earn $5 in diaper credit for every mom you refer to the site. Here’s a link to their referral program.

8. Ask the Diaper Companies

Look – diapers are a big business and companies know that once you’ve started with their brand, you’re likely to continue using them until your child is potty-trained. So take advantage of this and register with the major brands below for free coupons and diapers:

9. Eliminate Diapers All-Together?

A few months ago, one of our contributors shared her story of raising her son diaper-free. It’s a growing trend and it’s no wonder since the average family can save more than $2,100 going this route. Would you consider this?

Your Turn: Have you used any of these tips in the past to get free diapers?

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Financing your kids kindergarten

Putting your child in a kindergarten or any other day care center can be very expensive and sometimes not even worth the money you spend Vs the money you earn. As a mother once your maternity leave is over its time to get back to work, however there are many moms out there who are only working part time jobs and are that their earning are low and are barely enough to cover the cost of living with a new born.

Creative moms have developed many survival techniques which help them provide more income, send their children to the best kindergarten and still keep their day job which allows them to still feel like a normal grown up.

While many moms have found many creative ways to generate some more income, the latest trend is online trading. Moms who have taking their maternity leave time off work to learn a whole new technique which now allows them to enjoy constant income.

Online trading has made financial investments easier than ever, investments are made on the internet and can be monitored from any device which has an internet connection. This online trading system is known as the binary options trading system.

With binary options almost anyone can become a trader, however the fact that moms to newborn children have the time to learn the binary field inside and outside brings many advantages to their trading experience.

While a regular trader is anxious to start trading, mothers on maternity leave have the time to master this form of trading with the help and use of several binary options strategies which can be tested on a wide variety of trading platforms who offer these moms a free demo account.

By using a free demo account investors and mamas can become professional trader prior to risking even one dollar of their own. This way by the time these mamas are back to work they have already mastered the basics of binary options trading, leaving them the time to focus on raising their children and their careers.

All that’s left is to follow your trading signals and strategies and execute on time. Although binary trading sounds easy and even fun, mamas should remember that binaries, similar to any other financial investment contain high risks and could lead to sever loses and therefore should always be traded in accordance to a well-developed money management strategy.

Binary options are also known as all or nothing options which means you can either win or lose, winning means you will be ending in the money; generating an average profit of 81% while losing means you’ll be ending out of the money; losing your entire investment.

Taking the time to learn your binary trading prior to risking your own capital is one of the best methods used to gain more control on your investments, however there is no one who can predict the right outcome in 100% of the cases so plan to win and stay prepared for a loss.

Don’t Forget Your Stamp Duty Payment

When buying a home in Australia, people tend to primarily focus on the price of the home and the interest rate of their mortgage. With this information, they figure out an estimate of how much their monthly mortgage payments will be, among other things. While your loan is in underwriting, a variety of fees and charges will be calculated. Before closing on your home, then, you should have a fairly good idea about how much you’ll have to pay before being handed the keys to your new home. There’s one fee that’s not due at closing but shouldn’t be overlooked: stamp duty can be easily managed with a lending institution like Choice Home Loans’ help.

What is Stamp Duty?

In Australia, stamp duty is a tax that’s imposed on a variety of different acquisitions. In the case of real estate transactions, the duty is paid by the purchaser. As with other duties and taxes, the funds that are collected are used for the betterment of society.

If you’re buying a home in Australia, you will probably have to pay stamp duty. In some cases, though, you may be exempt. Laws regarding real estate stamp duties vary from one state and territory to the next, however, so it’s crucial to find out the rules for your jurisdiction before proceeding.

Depending on where you’re buying property, you may not be responsible for stamp duty if you’re a first home buyer, a young farmer or a pensioner. Concessions are sometimes also made for family farms, deceased estates and when the property will be the principle place of residence.

How Much Does Stamp Duty Cost?

Stamp duty is typically based on the greater of the following: the price paid for a home plus GST, if applicable, or the market value of a home. The way in which stamp duty is calculated varies from one territory or state to the next. Stamp duty calculators are available online, so you can get a rough idea about how much you’ll have to pay.

What’s the Deadline for Paying Stamp Duty?

Assuming you have to pay stamp duty, you typically have 30 days to do so. This means that you have 30 days following the settlement of your transaction to pay the duty or risk being charged fees and penalties. Those fees and penalties can really add up, so it’s crucial to not only be aware of how much duty you’ll owe but to pay it in full and in a timely manner.

How To Run Tighter Financials In Your Small Business

When you are running a small business, there are countless issues you need to bear in mind. From achieving sales targets to sweeping and cleaning your premises, and everything in between, small businesses often rely on the owner and one or two other staff to cover every business function. This becomes more challenging when you get into technical areas, like legal and finance. At its most basic, tracking expenditure and finding a solid way to keep on top of your financial data is essential, allowing you to unlock the potential for better planning and more significant results. But what tools do you need in order to run your company finances in a more effective way?

From top CEOs like Cecilia Ibru Oceanic Bank International to the smallest of one-man businesses, every business leader needs a firm grasp on the numbers. This is imperative, because it allows you to compare performance across different periods, in addition to making decisions about your next strategic move. In the small business scenario, it is easier for the owner who has full command of finances to make these projections and forecasts.

It starts with effectively tracking your cash flow in and out of your business. Cash flow is one of the most important aspects of running your business, and even busy periods in trade can see problems if you don’t plan appropriately. You need to know what bills are falling due in the week and month in question, and how this will affect your cash position. It is not uncommon to be left chasing an unpaid invoice, but your staff still need to be paid at the end of the month. Forecast your income, and write down all the expenses you will incur in the month. This will allow you to plan for contingencies, while ensuring you have a firm understanding of your outgoings.

At the end of every month, it is important to total up your invoices received and payable, along with other expenses and costs incurred. This can be a tedious job, but it is often left to the business owner to calculate monthly totals. This data is essential for preparing your accounts, and keeping on top of things on a monthly basis allows you to better monitor the performance of your business.

If you offer credit terms in your business, pull back on the length of time you are prepared to allow for your customers to pay their invoices. You should also try to get better credit terms from any suppliers you deal with, to extend the amount of time you have to pay. This will maximize the gap between money going out and money coming in, and improve the cash flow in your business.

Effective business owners are intrinsically linked to their financials, and understand an array of figures intimately. By recording transactions as they happen, and creating regular statements for a side-by-side comparison of performance, you can have access to invaluable information for making better business decisions.