Budget Friendly Decorations

Just because we’re generally buried under heaps of laundry when we’re not chasing the kids around, doesn’t mean that we can’t have nice things!  We can make our homes comfortable and safe, but that doesn’t mean our walls need to be bare.  When you’re a busy mom, some things just fall by the wayside.  But rest assured: there are simple, budget friendly options out there that helped to take your walls from lackluster to gallery worthy! We’re all constantly snapping photos on our phones – time to put those snapshots on display! crib A really simple upgrade to just a 4×6 print is to make a canvas print of your photo.  It couldn’t be simpler!  You can create your print online at Walgreens and arrange to pick it up in store or have it delivered.  Hang a few of these in groupings on your walls, or lean one on a fireplace mantle or a bookshelf to display your favorite memories. The texture and depth make expensive frames unnecessary while still managing to look quite upscale. wall Bright, textural wall hangings can fill empty walls, providing a focal point and a pop of color.  A fun and easy way to obtain the look can be found at hardware stores such as Home Depot.  Grab a variety of cheap ceiling medallions that are typically affixed to the ceiling around a hanging light.  Find a fun spray paint color that will complement your decor. (I’ve even used metallic spray paints!)  Spray the medallions in a well ventilated area and allow them to dry.  Voilà!  A chic upgrade that didn’t break the bank. Now this mama on the go can display her artwork on the walls!

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