Parenting is your number one job. But don’t put it on your resume, even though it’s quite important (save it for the interview; it’ll make you more personable as parents show many desirable traits).

I personally like to keep my resume up-to-date with my work history extending back ten years or so. However, if you’ve held one job for ten years, feel free to include any other work history that was also long term or pertains to the job you’re applying for. When starting from scratch, make sure your resume is original and eye catching. You can find numerous templates in your word processing program or online with professional headers and it’ll make plugging in your information a lot easier.


Make sure to include your name, address, phone numbers, professional e-mail address and fax number if you have one. It doesn’t hurt to include an objective right underneath it, telling what your looking for at their company. For instance, if I want to be a certified nursing assistant, I might say, “My goal is to obtain a position in your nursing facility as a certified nursing assistant as my strengths are working well with people and being able to think quickly on my feet. My other experiences are listed as follows.” Your objective isn’t necessary but kind of tells your potential employer what your goals are. Following that subject, list your previous jobs complete with job title and what your responsibilities were along with the dates that you worked there. There’s really no need to list side jobs like if you were a waitress somewhere for a short period of time or something of that nature. They’re really looking for professional work experience on your resume but following that, include what your educational background is, followed by any organizations you belong to or are an alumni of. It also helps if you list any other specialized skills that you may have such as your typing speed or if you’re familiar with certain computer programs. Following that, make sure to obtain a list of no less than three professional and/or personal references (five at maximum) along with their titles and contact information. Make sure you ask their permission to be listed as a reference.


Once that’s all done, it is absolutely imperative that you check and double check your resume. Make sure formats are all correct and fonts are all the same. Basically, dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s. We’re looking for near perfection here. But most of all, make sure that your resume says something about you. You’re special, you have a lot to offer and probably have a brilliant personality. It’s the cover letter really that is left to write and add a little personal flare to it (not too outrageous) and will bring a little more insight as to who you really are as a person and reliable worker. Finally, proofread, proofread, proofread. I cannot stress that enough. Maybe show it to a friend or your significant other and have them look at it. They may think of things that you’ve forgotten.

After the stress of writing your resume is done, put a smile on your face and start applying. Happy job searching!

Final thought: Keep a copy of that resume saved somewhere just in case you need it down the line. Good luck!

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