Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves in the UAE!

If you’ve the means, the determination, and the urge to take on new challenges, few countries in the world offer the entrepreneurial mom more in terms of a business-friendly, not to mention child-friendly, environment than the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

From business bank accounts in the UAE to schools offering the finest of American-style education, this Persian Gulf country of around 8 million people has it all. It’s also making huge strides in the workplace battle of the sexes. At the end of 2012, UAE leaders made it compulsory for private companies and government agencies to appoint women to their boards.

Up until that point, only a quarter of female workers, making up half of the public sector workforce, had made it onto public sector boards. The private sector equivalent was more than 1 in 60. The historic decision has been widely welcomed.

Whether male or female, domestic or foreign, entrepreneurs in the UAE are a vital part of a dynamic business sector. It’s an environment that seems to breed success, which was underlined by a recent survey carried out by Virtuzone, one of the fastest growing business set-up operators in the UAE.

The survey found small businesses in Dubai, a city within the emirate of the same name and which is regarded as the economic powerhouse of the UAE, were making the most of the opportunities afforded by the Internet. Just under two-thirds of businesses polled said their performance had been better than expected. A similar proportion reported they were already in profit, with just under a half confident revenues would improve over the next 12 to 18 months.

Virtuzone Chairman Neil Petch said, “Despite global lacklustre conditions that are affecting people’s stance toward the economic recovery, we have seen first-hand that the entrepreneurial spirit and determination to succeed remains alive and well in the UAE.

“As a long-time entrepreneur, this validates my belief that there is a significant, vibrant community of start-ups and small businesses here that have the potential to boost the economy.”

Multinational banking giants such as HSBC have played a major part in the growth of online banking and more conventional business banking services in recent years, all of which has helped in the drive to diversify and push forward the UAE economy.

Start-up and marketing support were also vital elements, according to the survey findings, with many respondents who hired the services of business set-up operators claiming they were better prepared for the usual and unique demands of being a greenhorn in the business arena.

Jessica Brett, Group Sales Director of Virtuzone, said, “Small businesses are a major driver in the region’s economic development. It’s beneficial to hear directly from these businesses about their challenges and opportunities, so we can better assist them and help them grow.

“Entrepreneurship helps people fulfil their dreams and turn a creative idea or passion into a successful business. Our team is here to provide a swift and flexible company set-up process to our customers from start to finish, along with a suite of professional advice they need to achieve success.”

So if you’re looking for fresh challenges over the coming year then why not begin by checking out the services offered by Virtuzone here. Go here for lots of useful information on the availability of schools in Dubai.

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