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Mamas love fashion and movies just like all those happenin’ single gals. We aren’t much for in your face photographers and snarky talk here, but we love to keep up with who’s looking great or who has a cute new baby. You’ll find a lot about Medium here, since I am a true fan of Medium and won’t let the demise of Medium Dreams stop me from talking about this great show!

Periodontal Disease: What is it and How Can You Prevent it?

Your teeth and gum health can dictate your overall well-being. It’s not something you want to ignore, especially since some diseases can start in the mouth. Keeping your oral health up to par is essential for maintaining good health. Things like gingivitis and even periodontal disease can be prevented if you are diligent enough. It’s good to know the early warning signs of certain oral conditions, so you can take the proper steps to eradicate it before it becomes a major concern. The following information will go over what periodontal disease is and what you can do today to prevent it.

What is Periodontal Disease?

You likely heard of this condition, but don’t really know what it is and how it affects your health. Simply put, periodontal disease is an illness that spreads through your gums. It starts with your gums bleeding every time you brush them. According to a study done in 1999, half of Americans over 30 years old suffer from bleeding gums.

When your gums become swollen and bleed, this is an early indication of a bacterial infection. If you allow this to continue, then the infection will begin to spread. Eventually, this can lead to structures that support your jawbone and teeth to become damaged. Over time, your teeth may become loose and require extraction. This is known as periodontal disease, also known as gum disease.

Health Conditions Connected to Gum Disease

Research shows that gum disease is connected to a variety of other health problems. This makes it even more necessary to eradicate as soon as possible. The list of health problems include:

  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Premature births
  • Respiratory disease

These conditions present themselves due to gum disease increasing risk of clogged arteries and spreading infections throughout the body.

What Causes Gum Disease?

In a nutshell, periodontal disease is caused by bacteria found inside of dental plaque. Plaque is the sticky stuff that forms on the top of your teeth right after you’ve brushed them. Your immune system releases substances in an effort to remove this bacteria, causing inflammation and damage to your gums, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament. This in turn causes your gums to start bleeding, which is a sign of gingivitis (the early warning sign for periodontal disease).

How to Prevent Periodontal Disease

The number one cause of this disease is plaque. However, there are other factors that can play a part in its formation. It’s believed that your genes, smoking habits, misaligned or crowded teeth, stress, abnormal hormone levels, medicines and grinding or cleaning your teeth can cause this disease to come about.

The key to prevention is to take good care of your teeth and gums by brushing after each meal and flossing. You should also try to quit using tobacco products, fix any crooked teeth and buy a mouth guard if you grind or grit your teeth at night.

You can find deals on braces and other items at Groupon. There are thousands of retailers that offer discounts on the site, including Guitar Center and QVC.

Accepting a Gay Child

Good parenting is accepting your child no matter who they are. Though you may not agree with their decisions and though, as a mom, you’ve made a significant impact on who they are, you can’t control every aspect of their life. If this is an issue in your religion, you may choose to halt your reading now. However, this addresses a topic that is highly controversial in a nature versus nurture way and cannot be ignored.
I don’t think that when a child is young you can necessarily pick up on any warning signs of a gay child. Maybe your son does prefer dolls or maybe your daughter likes race cars. That doesn’t necessarily indicate their future sexual preferences. It probably won’t be until their teenage years or even later in life that they start to become more aware of their feelings and attractions. It’s awkward for them even though it’s also normal for them. Something doesn’t quite fit with how their friends are acting when dating or pursuing members of the opposite gender.
Being a teenager is already difficult but can you imagine holding in a secret that is absolutely life altering? It will be the biggest conversation you will ever have with your child when they work through the issue at hand and decide to start their tiptoeing out of the closet. It’s also going to be the most emotional conversation you’ll ever have.
No matter how you feel, perhaps angry, hurt, disappointed, it’s better parenting to not react that way. I recently saw a movie in which a teenage boy admitted to his extremely religious mom that he was gay. He’d tried to fight it and kiss girls and date like the traditional boy does. However by the time he was an older teen, he realized it was a battle not worth fighting but standing up and owning his identity. When he told his mother, she was ballistic. It tore their family apart and made him an outcast in his own home. His mother told him that if they prayed hard enough, it’d go away. The increased pressure on him to be a straight male was too much and he eventually took his own life. He could accept his lifestyle but his mother couldn’t. As this was a movie based on a true story, the effect that her son’s death had on her transpired her life and turned her into a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender activist.
You don’t have to agree with it but don’t condemn your child for it. They’re living their life in the way that makes them happy. Living a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered life is in big debate as to whether it’s a choice or not. If you ask your child, most of them would probably say, “I didn’t decide to take the hard road, Mom.” You will actually learn more from your child this way and will continue a more positive, healthy relationship. Do your best to embrace their lifestyle though it will probably take some time based on your own personal belief or you could lose them forever. The whole point of a parent/child relationship is on the terms of unconditional love. They’re still your child, and did something quite admirable with the amount of courage it took, and they admitted to you, “Mom, I’m gay.”

Is It Time to Show Paparazzi Enough Is Enough?

I am sort of upset today about a few things. I am upset enough to switch the channel on the tv if I see people talking about them and to leave magazines on the racks. If you get upset, too…If we all get upset, maybe the paparazzi will finally get the message they should have gotten after the Diana tragedy: That there are boundaries. There are lines. And that they shouldn’t be crossed by anyone with any decency and sense of compassion. That if the lines are crossed, we won’t be there to watch and rubberneck this time. Because we’ve had enough.

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Take Sandra Bullock. This is not someone who went out and cheated on her spouse. This is someone who was heartbreakingly betrayed by a man she trusted. Why should she have to run a gauntlet of cameras to get in and out of her house? I feel the same way about the whole Tiger Woods incident. The innocent spouse and the kids should be off limits. Ask for a press conference, take a statement and then leave them alone to heal and grieve. So, when I see another over-hyped story about Sandra Bullock’s heartbreak coming up, I hit the remote button. I sincerely hope that if I’d ever be in the public eye facing the very public ruin of my marriage, that she’d do the same for me.

No, what I want to do when I talk about Sandra Bullock is comment about what an amazing job she did on The Blind Side, which is right up there beside August Rush on my worth seeing more than once list. I want to talk about how she was completely deserving of the award she got and how great she looked accepting it. People should be ashamed of any part they had in snatching away the pleasure she had in a once in a lifetime moment that honored her hard work on a movie that was completely outside her normal “box” and was an outstanding, moving portrayal of a woman who opened her home to a child she didn’t even know and made him a part of her family.

Then, I find out from Tom Cruise Watch that people are publishing photos of Suri Cruise with her underwear showing. Nice. Real classy. Here are some options I recommend for anyone who has a soul and takes celebrity shots:

  • You could crop the shot to show this LITTLE GIRL and Katie Holmes from the waist up.
  • You could just discard the photo when you saw you caught a CHILD in an awkward moment.
  • You could put down your camera and alert Katie to the fact that her very YOUNG daughter was having a wardrobe malfunction.

Seriously. Taking pictures of a child’s underpants and publishing them? There’s a word for that. Two thumbs down, Paparazzi Dude. Two thumbs down. And if you publish a fan site or write an article? Handle it with class like Tom Cruise Watch and don’t show the photo.

It is enough to make me give up celebrity news all together. How do you feel about the way the paparazzi go after the families of celebrities or the families of people who have done something wrong?

Medium Episode 6.16 Allison Rolen Got Married

Have you been wishing you could learn more of the DuBois family’s back story? Longing for Joe’s Dad to stop by and get things in an uproar? Would you settle for his dad being alive? I would! I am so excited about Allison Rolen Got Married. I’m hoping the show will have some funny scenes and a look at the way Joe and his dad interact when he’s got a body to cause trouble in! And then there’s Allison’s lovely grandma again. It’ll be like going along to a class reunion when you didn’t go to that school, but you’ve heard so much about everyone that you feel like you did!

Well, tomorrow, we’ll see exactly what is going on, but we’ve got a teaser to keep us going to then:

Oh, wow. It looks awesome!

Medium Episode 6.15 How to Beat a Bad Guy Open Mic Recap

Here’s the recap of the open mic event for Medium episode 6.15 How to Beat a Bad Guy. I thought you might like to see Dean Norris, who plays Scanlon’s now deceased brother Paul.

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Allison is walking in a dark parking lot on the phone with bags on her arm.

Looking more alert now, but a guy is approaching.

He wants $5.

Now, he’s stealing her purse. She wants her daughter’s baby photos.

She beats him up. And goes Kung Fu on the other boys.

Way to rewrite your ending Allison.

I love it. “I would have given you my purse, but nobody touches my little girl’s baby pictures.”

And she’s being revived in the parking lot. I liked the kicking butt version better.

Joe wants to kill somebody, but other than that.

Talking to the self defense instructor.

Maybe some lessons are in order? She took the instructor’s card.

Kids are upset. I would be, too. Seeing their mom’s face like that….

Allison hears a noise and turns to ask Joe if he heard it. But he’s not there.

Gets up to investigate and is attacked by the mugger. Thank goodness it was a dream this time.

Allison goes to see the instructor in the morning.

Hears her story about why she became an instructor.

Lee is meeting with Devalos. Ooh, nice suit.

Scumbag attacking a teen and videoing it.

An undercover guy on the case disappeared and Devalos is warning Scanlon to stay away. He’s almost certain that the rapist is Scanlon’s brother!

Wait. Scanlon has a brother. Did I know that?

Oh, okay. His name is Ben. He’s a bad guy, but he saved Scanlon when their drunken dad was beating him.

Of course, Scanlon did not listen to Devalos. He went right to visit his brother.

Scanlon and “the mom” are engaged. His baby’s name is Lee. Is it just me or is he more into Lee than former Deputy Doll?

His brother says he isn’t a pervert. He’s 50. He’s a different guy. He’s got a handle on things.

Scanlon doesn’t believe him.

Joe is watching a movie and Allison does some Karate Kid moves.

She’s feeling more like herself again.

Joe thinks so, too.

Kira is fighting with a man in Allison’s dream.

Allison goes to her and tells her she found the man on the sex offender registry.

She doesn’t think it was him and isn’t sure she really saw his face.

She brushes Allison off and walks off.

Allison goes to Scanlon for help. Henry Maynard is the guy in the photo. Really Sean Riley who is the undercover cop who disappeared. Uh, oh.

Joe makes Allison feel better. “Gee, now I hate you, too.”

And Allison didn’t know about Joe’s brother, either. I guess I don’t need to feel so bad.

And they found Riley dead after Allison dreamed about his location.

Devalos will be bringing in Scanlon’s brother for questioning.

“Manny, you don’t understand. This is my big brother.”

Devalos is asking Ben about the girl in the video and about his tattoo.

He denies all knowledge.

But Henry/Sean he does recognize.

Not as a murderer, but as the scumbag who might have hurt a girl.

Ben yells at Scanlon, who he knows is watching. He calls him “Mr. Good” and blames him.

Allison sees a vision of Ben attacking a girl.

She evades Scanlon’s questions about his brother and brings up her head injury. He gets to the truth. His brother was the one who raped the girl.

Fat weasel. I guess I’d call my brother worse than that if he was a rapist.

Scanlon is holding his gun to his brother’s head after breaking into his place to question him.

Does he believe his story?

I think he wants to. But does he?

Henry/Sean wakes up bound and gagged.

He sits up and tries to escape. Picking the lock on his cuffs when Kira walks in and says, “You’re awake. Good.”

He tries to talk, but there’s a gag in his mouth and she doesn’t want to hear him anyway.

Sean tries to explain, but he doesn’t quite pick phrases that would make a former rape victim happy. “Stop fighting.” “It’ll only get worse…” Dude. Seriously. Try, “I’m a cop under cover!”

By the way, if you miss Joe’s dad, be sure to tune in for episode 6.16 Allison Rolen Got Married. He’s in it!

Allison stops in to see Kira.

A new list. A list of dead sex offenders.

And news about Henry being a cop under cover instead of a sex offender. Kira says again she knows nothing. Then she asks Allison if she’s going to arrest her, which would require proof and muscle, neither of which she has.

Scanlon’s brother shows up with a stuffed toy to meet the gf and the baby. Scanlon tells him he sent them away. And then he tells him he watched the video of the teenager being raped today.

The guy kept bending his thumb back all the way to his wrist. His brother is double jointed and had the same habit.

One time offer to turn himself in and Scanlon will stand by him.

He’ll get him help to get better. “You don’t get it Mr. Good do you?…I’m fine. I like me.”

Very creepy guy. Must take after their dad.

Kira is talking to her victim – Scanlon’s brother.

Scanlon wakes up when Allison calls to tell him that Kira is going after his brother.

Wait. Kira’s going after Paul? I guess they changed Scanlon’s brother’s name from the casting call?

And Scanlon relieves the detective watching two hours early.

He sees Kira walk out after his brother.

Allison calls Scanlon. “Paul’s dead Allison…They were too late…”

Only he isn’t dead yet. Scanlon’s sitting in his car and just waiting.


And next ep, as I mentioned, Allison is a young bride and Joe’s parents and her grandma will be appearing. Fun!

See you all next week.

Medium Episode 6.15 – How to Beat a Bad Guy

I am so excited! Another episode of Medium finally is airing and I can’t wait to watch. Anyone want to join me for an open mic? I miss the fun of chatting with all the other fans at Medium Dreams. If you want to laugh and cry along with me as I watch Medium episode 6.15, entitled How to Beat a Bad Guy, I’d sure like to have the company. I’m not above bribery, so I’m bringing out the goodies:

Long Island Iced Tea because no one knows how to make a potential mugger cry and run away better than a true New Yorker and a dark chocolate truffle assortment just because I love dark chocolate. Mmmm.

So what’s up tonight? Why don’t I let Patricia Arquette tell you?

Ready to join me? You can comment here and I’ll check back a few times, but I’m also going to be live blogging the fun at CoverItLive:

I’m a The View Brand Ambassador!

I love watching The View. It is a great way to see differing opinions on the news and issues that come up each week and I know that between everyone, I end up with a pretty unbiased report of the current events and celebrity happenings. It is like The Daily Show for women. So, I was really excited to find out that I made the cut to become a brand ambassador for The View. View_BrandAmbassadorBadge

I think I like the show so much because it reminds me of a good book club. You know, the kind where you don’t always end up discussing the book quite as much as you planned. You start out talking about the main points and get into a bit of what you like and don’t like and then someone says, “Speaking of rotten men, Evie really could use some support!” Even though you don’t get to bring up the way the blackbird is used to foreshadow the ultimate betrayal the main character faces, you do manage to cover a bunch of other fascinating stuff completely unrelated to the book.

Are you a fan of The View?


“I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other The View branded items to facilitate my review.”

Patricia Arquette Nominated for SAG Award

Good news! Patricia Arquette was nominated for a SAG award for best tv drama actress. She’s got some tough competition, but she had some fantastic episodes and did some amazing acting. Oh, and she’s not up against Sally Field this year, who wins every time she is nominated because everyone loves her.
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By the way, SAG is such an unfortunate acronym for a fabulous, important award, isn’t it?

Happy Birthday to Miguel Sandoval

Happy birthday to Miguel Sandoval, my favorite television district attorney. I’m so happy that Medium story line where his character Manuel Devalos was off fishing and was replaced by two faced friend Tom Van Dyke is over with! Medium just wasn’t the same through that whole angst ridden season four.
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