Cutting Family Costs This Winter

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This winter is going to be a particularly tough time for families on two fronts. The harshest season of them all is just around the corner and it is likely to be one of the worst in decades. This problem has been coupled with the rising energy prices for gas and electric. The timing of these price hikes couldn’t be any more unfortunate for families, with cost cutting exercises now needed.

Cheap Ways to Insulate Your Home

For big families who have many children and numerous rooms to heat, this winter will be a tough challenge to keep everybody in your home warm. When the cold snap hits the UK this year, families constrained by the demanding energy prices will have to think of ingenious ways to keep warm.

Finding cheap ways to insulate a home is one of the key ways to bypass some of the problems. After some internet research you should find plenty of options. Loft insulation usually costs around £300, with energy price savings upwards of £200 a year.

Waste Less Food

UK households throw away an average of £7.2 million tonnes of food waste each year. The majority of this food could have been eaten, meaning you are essentially throwing money away.

Each household wastes around £50 worth of edible food that easily could have been consumed. The best way to curb this food waste trend is to change some of your family’s habits. For instance, bread is edible until it goes green. The best before day on many items just is a guideline. In most cases, if the food looks good and smells good, it is absolutely fine to eat.

Consolidate Your Car Insurance

Expenditure such as paying for insurance can be one of those things you hate to do. The idea of paying for something that you may never use is hard that’s for sure. This is why when you are looking for cost cutting ideas, a look towards cutting insurance costs is a good idea.

This doesn’t mean you should leave yourself lacking cover. It simply means you should have a look at combining insurances if possible. If you are a big family with three or more cars, fleet insurance would be a great option.

In essence, fleet insurance, such as the one available with insureFLEET, allows you to have one policy across a number of different vehicles. This means that a switch to a fleet policy would give you significant savings on your premiums.

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