Garden Shed Trends in 2017

Gardening and outdoor living takes a special importance when sunny days take over. It becomes a universe of its own, with its own trends. Sheds are not always the central piece of our gardens, but they do play an essential role.

Customize Your Shed

In 2017, pre-built sheds have to be unique and customized. We are getting tired of them being their own ‘boring selves’: a useful extension of the garage, or a backyard shed. They are now a canvas for our creativity and it seems the trend is here to stay.

So let your creativity express itself and customize your outside storage shed; you will not regret it and it might become your favorite room of the house. For more freedom of choice, you can work with a manufacturer of garden sheds, as this will allow you to push the customization even further.

Urban living spaces are becoming narrower every year, and so do the outdoor spaces. Storage solutions with smarter organization are a real need. The shed needs to be multi-purpose: with ergonomic and accessible shelves and having additional uses, such as an insulated shed for cooling down in during hot summer days.

The Secret ‘Mad Gardener’ Lab

We all try to be sustainable when it comes to energy and water use, even trying to grow our own vegetables on the roofs of Montreal. The use of natural materials is definitely a fast-growing trend. No more  PVC, but wood and stone. We want our sheds as organic as they can be and possibly made of upcycled materials.

With this ‘grow your own’ frenzy and the need for more resilient and lasting plants which can resist extremes and changing weather, we all enjoy experimenting with quirky plants! We like to mix seeds, and experimenting in this DIY thing we read Pinterest about the Cucamelon (cucumber + melon) etc. So much fun. The inner child is back!

The Tiki Shed for Your Staycations

Vintage and Fifties are everywhere, and so are Hawaiian Tiki Bars! Goodbye barbecues, hello hula and daiquiris. So get out your most vintage garden furniture, your Bettie Page swimsuits and pink flamingos around the pool, and decorate your pool shed with Tiki wooden statues, small palm trees, colorful lights, and enjoy the party.

For those not lucky enough to enjoy long vacations on the beach, a Tiki Bar can be a really good option for your ‘staycations’. Get the perks of a summer night on the beach without the plane ticket! A hammock, for example, would be another great addition to your Tiki shed.

The She-Shed

Because the boys have their man cave in the basement of the house, girls also want a space of their own. A reading gazebo, a yoga lounge, a crafts workshop where supplies won’t be messed with by the kids, a rocking chair and a blanket for autumn naps, a tea room. Your she-shed has to be your private space, where you forget the scary pace of life with a glass of homemade lemonade.

The Spa Shed

The shed can also be a home improvement. A hot tub or a sauna can be installed inside. A perfect way to enjoy a relaxing moment, protected from the mosquito bites at night, from the cold in the winter or for complete intimacy from the neighbors all year long.

You will want to maintain a flow from your house to the shed, using the same materials, colors, furniture, style or lighting. Some Japanese wood steps for example, to walk safely from your home to the shed. You can also add seating outside the shed, so you can relax near a safe and protected fireplace when it’s a little chilly outside.

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