Crafts & Hobbies

Crafts and hobbies can a fun parenting bonding time for both mom and kid. It encourages your child to have a creative outlet and exploring their interests. It’s hard to do much as far as crafts and hobbies until the child is a little older. For your youngster, maybe start out with fingerpainting their handprints when they’re little and keep it as a sentimental piece for when they grow up.

Crafting can be somewhat time consuming but it is so exciting to see your child take paint or beads or clay and shape them into something. It helps them to open up their imagination while doing a fun activity as well as further develop their motor skills and coordination. Sometimes it’s hard to keep children preoccupied for long but through an artsy craft, they will have a blast creating. Browse around various hobby stores for more extensive crafts. They sell kits to make almost everything that a kid could dream of making. Let them go with you to choose it. More than likely, they’ll want to do it as soon as they get home. Crafting during the holidays is an especially fun time and their creations can set out for decorations. It’ll be a project that they’re proud to have on display.

As children get older and closer to school age, while craft kits are still fun, it may take more intricate projects to entertain them as well as help them to learn. There’s still model planes and cars, beading, painting, sewing and so much more. A favorite of mine has been to go to a paint-your-own-pottery studio. There, your child can pick out a ceramic and paint it however they want to and it’s left to dry and be placed in the kiln where you can pick it up a few days later. These crafts make great gifts and are so sentimental to the person on the receiving end.

Hobbies are about the same and will gradually develop over time. It may be sports, music,  dancing, karate and the list goes on and on. This will help continue their development and growth and help them to express their individuality.

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