Major yikes! This is a huge decision for mom and dad. Keep your needs in mind. How many children do you have? Do you need an office? A playroom? A swimming pool? A place to entertain guests? A big house or a little house? How much space do you really need and are you planning on extending your family? Not every house is perfect but sometimes you can find the house with the white picket fence that will be a wonderful place for your child to grow up in and watch your golden retriever dog run around while your kids swing on the swingset.

Think about whether or not you’re looking for a permanent residence. Will you be staying in this house forever or is this just a starter home for your family? There’s so many options. When parenting though, think about how accessible you are to local amenities. Are you in a good school district? Is there a park nearby? Do you have drug dealers for neighbors? Do you even want nearby neighbors? Maybe you want a little land instead? These are all essential decisions when considering what type of house will become your home.

The process of homebuying can be stressful. Of course you’re looking for your needs but you’re also looking within your budget. In some areas, the cost of living is higher so you may be paying a lot more for a house than you would in a different neighborhood. Have a ballpark figure of how much your willing to spend for your family to call home.

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