Interior Design

So many different styles and tastes of people makes interior design quite a feat. It may be time for mom and dad to clean out their personal stash. You don’t need a neon sign in the living room. It’s your home, not a bachelor pad.

Look around and figure out your own style. Maybe you’re shopping for something modern or country or maybe you’re a minimalist. Incorporate your furniture into the design of the rest of the interior. Pick out colors that make you feel good and happy. If you have expensive taste and a few small children, just sitting out an expensive crystal vase is not a good parenting decision. Maybe though you want to go with all whites. If you have kids though, this isn’t recommended. Your house will be the shade of ecru within a week.

Keep in mind the functionality of your home. Do you like to hang things on the walls? Or do you like one-of-a-kind pieces that maybe you could find at a flea market and re-finish? Let your imagination go wild but make your home feel like it’s a home. I prefer cozy so in parts of my home I  like pictures of my family on the walls. However, I also like modern, so I have geometric rugs and odd shaped architectural furniture in my home. Maybe you just want a few conversation pieces in your home. Or maybe just something conventional. Interior design is a blast to do and something you can really get into, whether it be throw pillows or a $1,000 painting. Make it you. Make it resemble your family.

Kids’ rooms are especially fun to decorate. Their tastes change periodically, could be cartoon characters one minute and airplanes the next or maybe princesses and castles to butterflies. Let your child pick out what makes them feel good and make it feel like its their own space. Perhaps decorate with paint, curtains and rugs that could last throughout their stages of development, keeping their “theme” to a minimum because you know they’ll want to change. No teenager will still want bunnies painted on their walls. Find furniture pieces that will grow with them. Of course if they’re babies, you’ll need the additional baby furniture, but really, what is the point of buying a bed in the shape of a race car? That will be old news fast.

No matter how you decide to decorate your home, make it you. If the task is too daunting and it’s within your budget, hire a professional interior decorator. They may even be able to get you started on your larger pieces and you can fill in the details according to the style and feel that you’re going for in your family’s home.

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