Hunter’s Sale Barn in Cecil County, Maryland

If you are feeling bored on a Monday night and want to take in a country auction, you may want to head to Cecil County to visit Hunter Sale Barn. We like to go before the auction to visit the Amish stalls set up outside for fresh veggies and reasonably priced vegetable plants. There are also a lot of vendors with “dollar store” stuff hanging out and a few Mexican food stalls. A boardwalk style fry vendor and a funnel cake vendor round out the food experience. Oh, there also is a restaurant. There’s a scratch and dent type store attached to the auction barn for people to browse through, too.

I have never actually stayed around for the auctions, but a ton of people come out for them, so they must be fairly good.

Hunter’s Sale Barn is in Rising Sun off of Route 276. The farmer’s market starts at 3pm and the auction starts later and goes til 9pm. Call (410) 658-6400 for more information.

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