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“Teach Your Child to Read
in 12 Weeks Flat!”
Discover a Super Simple, Effective Program
that Shows You How To:

Easily Teach Your Child to Read WITHOUT the Ineffective, Over-Priced TV/DVD/Computer Programs, and Save Hundreds of Dollars!

Stimulate Your Baby’s Intellectual Development and Brain Growth, and Help Your Child Become Smarter!†

Become Exceptionally Skilled Teachers in Teaching Your Child to Read

Spend ONLY 5 to 10 Minutes Each Day to Teach Your Child to Become a FAST and FLUENT Reader

Dramatically Improve Your Child’s Reading and
Reading Comprehension Skills

Quickly Help Your Child Become More Articulate and Develop an Advanced Vocabulary

Everything You Need to Teach Your Child to Read is Right At Your Finger Tips

You can start using this powerful system right now to pave the way for your child’s future success. The methods and principles outlined in the Children Learning Reading program have been proven to work and consistently yield outstanding results for children of varying ages. The Children Learning Reading program is 100% guaranteed to work for you and your child as it includes simple step-by-step, fail-proof lessons. Whatever the age of your child, be it 2, 3, 5 or even in early grade school, the Children Learning Reading program will help your child excel at reading. You now have the power to make it happen.

We will take you by the hand and teach you the proven strategies and secrets that allowed us to teach our children to read at just two (2) years old.

While based on scientific research, these are by no-means theories that some science geek conjured up – we are real parents who used this exact system to successfully teach our own children to read. We practice what we preach. We have been through it all – stress, pain, annoyance, frustration, and disappointment with other learning to read programs that just don’t work, and are a waste of money.

We don’t want it to happen to you. We sincerely want to help you teach your child to read and develop to their fullest potential as we want for our own children. Our children deserve it; your children deserve it. That is why we created our Children Learning Reading TM program.

Our e-books reveal all the strategies, techniques, and secrets we have discovered, and have laid them out in an easy to follow, step-by-step program. Our program takes you hand by hand and shows you everything that you could be doing right now to teach your child to read in 12 weeks or less.

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YES!  You Can Create a Winning

High School Transcript at Home

By Following These 4 Simple Steps…

The four step Total Transcript Solution, explains everything you need to know to create a homeschool transcript that perfectly reflects your student and your homeschool, whether it is classical, unschooled or an all-over-the-board eclectic mix.

You can translate ANY wonderful educational experience into grades and credits on your own official homeschool transcript.

Instead of feeling stressed and absolutely overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task, you will relax in freedom and confidence, knowing your official homeschool transcript is the perfect representation of your best homeschool work and your complete student.

In fact, instead of worrying about your ability to create a transcript, you will be focused on the joy of homeschooling your children through graduation!

Now I realize what you DON’T need is just another ebook sitting on your computer telling you the things you SHOULD be doing – I think we all have enough “shoulds” in our lives.  That is why I am offering you a TOTAL SOLUTION – a direct path from wherever you are RIGHT NOW to transcript completion.

Imagine the BLESSED RELIEF you will feel when you hold your child’s completed homeschool transcript in your hands, and the TOTAL VALIDATION you will feel when the colleges express their acceptance about your homeschool by granting your child admission and (even) scholarships.  You will have all you need to complete this once dreaded task when you follow the four simple steps of my Total Transcript Solution:

Step 1: After you’ve “unwrapped” all the resources in this amazing package, your first step is to print out the handouts for the The HomeScholar Audio Course “Making a Transcript”… hit play on your audio player… and then sit back and discover the secrets to creating a killer transcript that gives your child the best chance of getting accepted into the college or university of their dreams — with a big, fat scholarship!

This one hour overview will immediately help you feel relaxed and capable. It will eliminate your fears… and energize you to finally begin forging ahead confidently with your child’s transcript!  No inflexible rules to follow.  No software to master.  Just simple to understand instructions.

Step 2: Next, you’re reading The Easy Truth About Homeschool Transcripts, my

definitive how-to guide on creating a transcript that the COLLEGES WILL LOVE!  The 109 page easy-reading manual includes simple, step by step instructions on determining high school level work, establishing credits, giving grades and calculating GPA.

You’re also discovering how to integrate transcripts from outside sources (like community college), and document delight-directed learning.  And it’s showing you how a real life homeschool transcript should evolve through each year of high school.

You will be amazed at how easy this manual is to understand and implement. Best of all, you won’t have to change your style of homeschooling ONE IOTA!  The “Easy Truth” is you can have a transcript that works for you, rather than vice-versa!!

Step 3: By now you’re brimming with confidence about creating a PERFECT transcript for your child, so the next step is to “unpack” The HomeScholar Transcript Template Collection.

Probably the number one request I receive is to get copies of the templates I used to create my student’s scholarship winning transcripts. Until now, these have not been available for any price. As an exclusive offer to my Total Transcript Solution customers, you are receiving these templates in Word and Excel format for easy download! These cannot be acquired separately.  They are only available as part of this offer.

You’re also getting the very best transcript templates and samples I have uncovered during my research. Now you’ll actually see examples of other successful transcripts, so you can choose the template that works best for you!

That’s right…what works best for you.  What you’ll never get from me is one prescribed way to do your transcripts.

As I say when speaking to groups, transcripts are an art, not a science.   The “right answer” for you and your homeschool may be slightly different than what worked for me. Now when was the last time an “expert” told you that?!

Step 4: Once you’ve chosen the perfect template in step 3, the real fun begins!  When you claim your copy of The HomeScholar Total Transcript Solution, you’re getting one month’s worth of weekly PERSONAL coaching sessions with me, where we’re discussing your specific situation and developing a plan to ensure your success!

That coaching session is part of the Free Weekly Consulting with Document Review you are entitled to for the next 30 days — plenty of time to complete the task to produce a winning transcript for your child.

If you are like the hundreds of homeschoolers who have looked to me for help with their transcripts, I can honestly say these three simple steps will help you solve your transcript challenge, quickly and easily.

You don’t have to spend weeks researching the topic and then changing your homeschool in order to fit into a confining process or rule-based system. Together, we will make quick work of this necessary task.  And when we are done, you will wonder why you ever allowed yourself to worry so much!

Can I GUARANTEE that your transcript will gain your student admission or scholarships to the college of their dreams?  No…

Here’s what I can guarantee…Follow these simple steps, and you will be able to confidently present your OFFICIAL homeschool transcript in any situation knowing that it is a perfect and accurate representation of your child’s total homeschool experience — or your money back.

Nothing Else Like This Exists…

I challenge you to look high and low all over the Internet to find unbiased advice like this — tested, proven, complete, and 100% GUARANTEED to give you the results you’re looking for!  There is simply nothing comparable out there.

  • You could “do it yourself” and research all the available books in order to create your own transcripts but it would cost you a LOT of time, a LOT of money, and a LOT of frustration!  Plus what you end up with might not be what the colleges need.
  • You could “pay someone to do it for you” but you will be out hundreds if not thousands of dollars and you will lose the flexibility to document your homeschool the way YOU KNOW IT SHOULD BE DONE!
  • You could “ignore the problem” but I guarantee you that decision will come back to haunt you — probably in the winter of your child’s senior year, when college applications are due!
  • Finally, you can tackle the problem HEAD ON, with the confidence of knowing that I have gone before you and prepared the way with tools and training that will make quick work out of one of the most dreaded homeschooling high school tasks!
I know these are tough economic times. I also know there are families out there who are heartsick with worry about how they will afford to document their homeschool in a way that is affordable and achievable.Did you know that the leading North American accreditation agency currently charges homeschool families over $1800 JUST for a four year accredited transcript! And if you want to get help from them, it will cost you another $40 per hour!! The HomeScholarTotal Transcript Solution gives you the tools you need to create your own official transcripts, at a fraction of the cost!

This offer represents A WAY TO FREEDOM. It represents a way for you and your family to take control over preparing your homeschool transcripts — a way that won’t break the bank.

Instead of forking over thousands, you’re getting The HomeScholar Total Transcript Solution, with downloads, bonuses and on-line training — valued at over $600

All for just $47!

Just think, for about the price of taking your family out to lunch, you can ONCE AND FOR ALL lift the burden that has been weighing you down and preventing you from fully enjoying your children’s high school journey.

Find out more today!

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