Petite Fashion Tips

If you are small you wish you were big and when you are big you wish you were small. In the wild world of fashion, one can never truly be happy with their size. However, most of us cannot do anything about our size. This article is for the short person. If you have to shop in the petite section because you are so short cheer up, there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can apply to make yourself look taller and feel so much better about yourself. When it comes to the fashion industry, it seems that everything is for that person who is tall and slim. However, this is not reality. The truth is, most of us are somewhere in the middle including the frightening mid-section bulge. There are so many petite women out there that fashion guidelines have been developed to help you look and feel your best. According to an article, appearing tall and lean can be accomplished by what you wear. Although you are not going to gain much height, you can still give the illusion of more height if you follow a few tips. For example, if you are looking to appear taller than you actually are than you should follow these guidelines: stick with only a few color variations, go for tighter clothing in order to avoid extra bulk, stick with vertical patterns instead of horizontal patterns, wear high heels but avoid heels with straps, wear high waisted pants and skirts, take it easy on oversized accessories, pick a handbag that fits your physique, wear v-line tops, pick out glasses and sunglasses that are propitiate to your face, avoid boxyness, wear a jacket that is the same length as your dress and choose boots that stop at your knee.

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