Self Defense

It’s important when parenting, naturally, at a young age to teach a child to not talk to strangers. As adults, we know that talking to strangers is something that you do on a daily basis but by that time we are more intuitive on people and can tell who to avoid that could be dangerous. Encourage them when being approached by a stranger to yell, “You’re not my mom!” So many children these days are being kidnapped even at the school bus stop and it’s important to let them know what to do if put in that situation. Teach them to create a diversion, screaming, crying, kicking. Anything that would be obvious because a potential kidnapper who may try to grab your child won’t want to  draw attention to themselves.

Perhaps enroll your child in a martial arts class of any kind, therefore they can learn basic self defense as well as discipline. Another benefit is that they are active, getting exercise and probably having a good time doing it. Maybe consider taking a class with them!

At school, often times there are bullies. Teach your child to go ahead and tell a trusted adult, teacher or administrator. Though this isn’t the way to go, if your child finds themselves in a physical scrap, remind them to not throw the first punch or better yet, to ignore whoever is picking on them.   Not the ideal way to handle the situation, but it still helps them to defend themselves. Being passive toward bullies on the playground will get the situation to resolve itself and if ignored, will often go away. Teach your child to be able to control their aggression so they’re not the ones starting problems.

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