Stress Management

If you’re a stressed mom, you may project that on to your child. They can become nervous in different situations. Sometimes nerves can get to a child very badly, such as the first time at daycare or going to school or even spending the night away from home and mom and dad. Tell them that’s it’s okay and try to put them at ease.

Tests can be very nerve racking for a child of any age. Help them to study and it will help build their confidence. Encourage them to do their very best and this will help provide reassurance that there won’t be any repercussions if they’re not perfect.

When playing sports or other competitive activities, remind them that it’s not about who wins or loses but how you play the game. Perhaps your child takes a dance class or music lessons and have to perform in a recital. That can be very scary and they will probably become quite anxious. The more you encourage them, the better it is at relieving their fears. They can become very nervous and as a parent, you’re theĀ  best resource at relieving their stresses. If you’re nervous for them, try not to show it. It will reflect in their behavior. Instead of nervousness and being stressed out, try to turn it into a positive, exciting experience. It’s all about your parenting approach toward your child. Showing that you’re at ease, puts them at ease and relieves the tension and pressure.

Even though we all strive for perfection, it’s unattainable. Make sure they learn that as an early age so they never find themselves being stressed out over little things.

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