Time Management

Time management can be tricky to teach your child. Keep them on a scheduled routine, even at an early age. They know they have to brush their teeth before they go to bed and they know to use the bathroom when they first get up. They will at some point get on a regular internal time clock of when they need to get up and when they need to go to bed. That’s a good first step in teaching your child time management.

Even at the age of three or so, before your child even learns to tell time, teach them about the clock. Show them the wall clock and tell them for example, when the big little hand is on the 45, it’s time to start picking up your toys and getting ready for bed and tell them that that gives them 15 more minutes before bedtime.

As your child gets older, they will start to be able to tell time. Encourage them to wear a watch. If they have an appointment or a practice, tell them at what numbers on the clock or even on a digital clock should read when it’s time to go. Teaching them to be on time rather than late to everything can start young. If you’re on a time schedule to go somewhere, try to be early. As some people say, if you’re merely on time, you’re late.

When your kids get older and probably busier with activities and friends, they will learn the value of being on time. Eventually you will have an older teenager that may want to go out and about with their friends. Giving them a curfew and enforcing it can also teach them time management. However, remind them, it’s more important to be safe than on time.

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